Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Training PCP

04/07/2010 @ PCP - Training

It has been awhile since I've updated this blog. Hopefully this Sunday I will have some more pictures to upload. I'll will be riding with Team Mercury-Beskal. Hopefully can get my black jersey that day. Ken asked me to join him in the race in July. Need to test my stamina first this weekend, only after that I can decide.

Muzack had told me that he has a Shimano 575 Hydro brakes in his MTB store at home. He wanted to know if I wanted to try it. So that nite at about 10pm, I went over to his house at BMC section 1.

Can't wait to test it at PCP!

Woke up early today. Got to go to Taman Kinrara Sek 3 to buy my wife 'Nasi Kerabu'. The queue was quite long. Only managed to get it at about 8am. Arrived at PCP at about 9:05am and waited for my older brother - Muzack. Awie was coming also with his friend Zam who had just moved to Shah Alam from Kulim.

Awie was on his 3rd time at PCP while Zam is on his first ever ride at PCP. I suggested that they go on the blue and green trail. I had to rest a little longer as Muzack was feeling dizzy a bit. He had to rest longer than usual as he hasn't been riding for 2 weeks. After the four of us rested on the second gazebo below the PCP Black. We've decided to let Zam try the 4X trail. I went down the trail first to test the newly installed shimano 575 hydro brake. It was great. At the table top jump at the end of 4X trail, there was a rider who had fell after the first table top. It looked like he injured his leg quite bad. Other than that Downhiller rider, there were several XCs' riders who had fell but sustained minor scratches n bruises.

At about 11:30ish  the sky was turning darked. So we hurried through the final trail. It was really windy. Felt like a storm was coming our way.BTW I had also wanted to take video on the DJ but when I got there, the maintenance crew was starting to cover back the jumps. Sigh..... may be next time.

Finished the ride at about 12noon.