Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HASH #195 (Semenyih - Fish Valley)

19/12/2010 @ Semenyih Fish Valley

This was my second HASH to date. After buying 'Nasi Kerabu' and 'Nasi Lemak' for my wife and kids that morning, I drove off to BMC. The night before I had left my T-Bolt at Muzack's. We had change the brakes and stem on it.

Arrived at Muzack's around 8:45am and we mounted my T-Bolt and Muzack's Merida on his car. Then we headed to Semenyih Fish Valley. This time we decided to go for the Long route which should be around 25km. Brought along my new 'Deuter' with 3 liter water bladder.

Arrived at the starting point at about 9:05am. There where still lots of riders registering for the HASH. Muzack and I got number 107 and 108 respectively. Wooooaaa.... more than 100 riders attending the HASH. We barely got our rides off the car when the Long route briefing starts. However, got to join them just minutes before the flag off.

We joined BC Kelolo, Azlan Manap and Daniel. There where so many challenging climb. The slippery trail made it harder for me. Most of the climb, I had to push the bike. After the first DH trail, I had cramps on both of my legs. Luckily Azlan came to the rescue with his deep heating rub cream (Never leave home without it) In short, we managed to finish the HASH. Eventhough it took us several hours.

Officially, I was the last rider to check out from the Long route that day. Hopefully I will be better prepared for next year HASH. As Darcy said, please bring along lots of water. Thank you to Koko, the sweeper for that day and also Darcy who came down to help us out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

To Sell or To Keep????

My New "Deuter"

Just purchased this bag. It comes with Microban 3.0 Liter water bladder. Any suggestions on the question above?

Monday, November 1, 2010

PCP DH n XC Race - 13 n 14 Nov 2010

I'd love to see the competition but have to work. I hope all other bloggers will have tonnes of pics or vids to share when the day comes.

My dream DH bike - GT Fury 2010. Bila la aku boleh beli beskal DH????

XC race will be held on the next day. Will be riding in the Mens Open category under Beskal.com. This will be my second race. (First race was @ PCP Speed Challenge 2010 - riding for Mercury - Team 2) I was really hoping to join the veteran category but they had change the age limit from 36 above to 40 above .......... What to do?

My 2-in-1 PCP Speed Challenge Plate No/Certificate

Yesterday (31/10/2010), was my 1st ride after taking a long 2 months break. I was struggling to finish one lap (Race nanti 4 lap beb!) Started at about 9am and finished around 11am. Normally I can finish a lap in about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Will have to train more to get my stamina up. Thinking of using Bro Strike's herbal drink (Bro Strike - makjun kuat sebotol!) For the previous PCP race, I had train by going swimming at nite. It was a huge mistake!! I had a flu days before the race. This time around, will be going to the gym instead. (time to hit the treadmills!)

Anyway, I have about 2 weeks to get ready. Mentally and physically. Not forgetting my T-Bolt 661, need to be in tip top condition. Time to go to Muzack's bicycle shop @ BMC.

Tonite, I will carry on with my T-Bolt's setup for the coming race. As usuall, will be going to Muzack's house. Will be changing the 2.35 tires with the old 2.1 Panaracers which is more suitable for XCs. Muzack had given me his limited edition Shimano Deore LX (Gold) Shifter.

Arrived at PCP at about 8:45. Muzack was still at home, woke up late. May be tired from our T-Bolt Project last night. Meet Alvin, Muzack's friend who had been waiting for about 15 minutes with his green T-Bolt. Alvin and I decided to go on ahead. It was Alvin's first time at PCP. I had informed that PCP is not the same as FRIM, so he better be extra cautious. As usual after the first climb uphill to Gazebo A, had to rest awhile before going into the XC trail. Furthermore, Alvin had not been cycling for 2 months. So far so good. We continued to the famous PCP switchback before the climb up to Gazebo B. Alvin got through it slow and steady. I continued downhill. Then Alvin flew over his T-bold handle bar. He got some scratches on both his shin. He had pulled the front brake too hard. After Alvin recoverd from the crash, we slowly climbed uphill to Gazebo B. Then went straight back to PCP complex via the tarmac.

Muzack had just arrived and was waiting at Gazebo A. Time to rest again while waiting for Alvin who went to the gents. After the ordeal he was still insisting to carrying on.... (That's the spirit Bro) Later, Fino arrived and joined us. It has been a long time since my last ride with him. Fino had been in Nigeria for 6 months. When Alvin's came up, he told us that he was going to wait us at Gazebo B. By the time we reached there, I saw Alvin was going back up the tarmac to PCP complex. May be he was too tired to continue. Anyway, hope to see him again at PCP.

Muzack, Fino and I continued to 'Bukit Orgasm' (named by BC Kelolo.... due to the sound made by some female riders who managed to conquer it.... hahaha) and straight ahead to the second and slightly steeper 'bukit' (not named yet.... any suggestions?) There was nothing much to say about the rest of the trail. The most exiting part was at the pump trail. PCP management had upgraded the jumps there. Yeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!! It was really great. The difficulty level had gone up a NOTCH, from RED to BLACK. (PCP trail standard) I jumped all the double ramps but was not ready to jump the triple ramps. That day, a DH rider had crashed there. I think he got minor bruises only - protected by his full body-armor. Will have to buy body armor first. I don't think my shin and arm guard is enough for that jump. After 2 or 3 loop there, we continued to lookout point and back to PCP complex.

Managed to get 6.8km with Muzack and Fino. I reckon I had cycle about 8km that day. Hopefully I will finish the race this coming Sunday.

(Info - courtesy of trailridermad blog)

Race Schedule
DH - Saturday 13.11.10
7-8 am - registration
8-8.30 am - race briefing
9.00 am - Seeding Veteran DH
Seeding Junior DH
Seeding Open DH
2pm - Final Veteran DH
Final Junior DH
Final Open DH
4pm - Prize giving
(Note: All DH activities will be at finish line)
XC - Sunday 14.11.10
7-8 am - registration
8-8.30 am - race briefing
9.00 am - Veteran XC race
10.30 am - Junior women and Junior Men Race
11.30 am - Women XC Race
2pm - Open Men XC race
4pm - prize giving

14/11/2010@PCP - XC Raceday
Arrived at PCP at about 8:30am. Veteran XC started on schedule. Then Jr Men/Women and Women XC were flag off simultaneously at about 10:30am. We heard that Open Men XC was going to be moved up to 12pm. I had planned to go back home to pick up the kids and the wife as the original schedule was at 2pm. So, I waited at PCP hoping the race would starts earlier. However, the schedule was changed back to the normal time. It was too late to go back to Kinrara. May be I'll bring my family next time.

2:00pm - Off we go! I followed the front pack and boy it was a big mistake. The front riders were very fast. I managed to keep up till the climbed uphill to the second round-about. The weather was very, very hot. I had finished a bottle of Gatorade and the small Thaaji drink 3/4 of the first lap.

2:45pm - Is was on his second lap. I had 1/4 way to finished my first lap. I followed Is till the PCP bridge but had to rest again at the end of the bridge. Did I mentioned that it was very 'the hot'. Earlier, I had threw up my Nasi Lemak breakfast and had stomach cramps. My body could not it anymore. Wanted to stop after finishing a lap. Felt dizzy and thirsty. Time to finished my lap. I went down the last trail from the lookout point.
At last, completed a lap. The spectators were cheering me on. Originally, I wanted to quit but after the moral boost by the crowd and a bottle of 100+ given by beskal.com/Mercury at the feeding point, I continued on my second lap. By this time the front riders had lapped me twice and was on their last lap. Can you imagine, they were on their second lap only 20-25  minutes into the race!(Kalau tak silap la - info dari Marshall while I was at the R'n'R (Gazebo C - below DH Gazebo).

Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot carry on. I had to throw in the towel. Managed to go through 1/4 lap in the second lap. Rested a while with fellow beskal.com team mate before going back via the tarmac. BTW, the time stated is an estimation only. The only confirmed one is the starting time and the time I got back to the feeding point which was around 3pm (Received SMS from the wife at 3:05 while resting at the feeding point)

P/S: It turns out that. In my excitement to race, I had forgotten to take my hypertension (HPT) medicine(Alasan jer nie). No wonder I felt dizzy and had threw up plus, did I mentioned that the weather was so Hot (lagi satu alasan). Anyway congrats to the winners. Especially for team Mercury riders who'd managed to finished top 6.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bersara dari MTB? Updated on 24/10/2010

Alhamdulillah ..... Wafi tidak mengalami masalah jantung berlubang. Menurut Dr Zainal bunyi dari jantung Wafi bukanlah disebabkan masalah jantung tetapi hanyalah kerana Wafi mungkin aktif sikit dan menyebabkan jantung dia berdegup dgn lebih laju drp biasa. Terima kasih kepada sahabat2 di fb kerana mendoakan kesihatan Wafi
                                                                                         updated by Zool Ihsan (24/10/10@10:23pm)

Sempena bulan Ramadhan yg bakal ditempuhi nanti, aku akan berehat dr sebarang aktiviti kayuhan. Azam bg tahun ini adalah utk tidak terlepas drp solat terawih........ Insya Allah

Malam ini aku bersyukur..... kandungan isteriku yg berumur hampir 12 minggu berada dalam keadaan yg baik. Alhamdulillah, Dr Anuar memaklumkan bahawa cukup sifatnya. Aku juga telah membawa anak kedua utk pemeriksaan dgn Dr Anuar. Minggu lepas Wafi tidak sihat dan muntah2 didalam kereta semasa menghantar ibunya ke sekolah. Waktu doktor memeriksa dadanya, terdapat bunyi dari dadanya. Dia menasihatkan aku bawa Wafi ke Hospital utk pemeriksaan lanjut. Pada waktu itu aku masih berfikiran positif kerana aku rasa mungkin sebab batuk & selsema yg dialami. Hari ini, Dr Anuar juga menasihatkan kami bawa Wafi utk pemeriksaan dgn pihak hospital. Dr Anuar berpendapat mungkin ada lubang kecil pada jantung Wafi.
Wafi tidak menunjukkan simptom penyakit yg dimaksudkan kerana dia aktif dan tidak menunjukkan tanda2 penat setelah bermain seharian. Walau apapun keputusan pemeriksaan dgn pihak hospital nanti..... aku hanya mampu memohon pada Nya agar keluarga kami semua sihat sejahtera.

Berbalik kepada tajuk blog ini.... mungkin telah tiba masanya utk aku bercuti sementara dari arena MTB buat masa ini. Saya berharap rakan2 yg membaca coretan ini dapat doakan Wafi sihat sentiasa.
Wafi @ Dataran Merdeka

Friday, August 6, 2010

PCP - don't remember when was the date

Found these photos while I was going through my wife's digital camera


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PCP Race 31/07/2010

This morning I received an SMS from Ken asking me to join Team Mercury for the upcoming PCP Race. I've been riding MTB for almost 2 years now but have never been in any kind of race or tournament. Only been on a HASH once but what the heck...... it doesn't hurt to try right?

So, tomorrow night I will go to my fav 'bengkel' - Muzack's house to re-calibrate my T-Bolt 661 settings. I had troubled shifting the gears recently at PCP. After that will rest my bike till the raceday. I will go swimming instead, to get my stamina up.

Training Schedule
20/07/2010 - Swimming session 2100 to 2200
21/07/2010 - Bengkel Muzack (BMC) - setting T-Bolt 2030 to 2400
22/07/2010 - Swimming session 2100 to 2200
23/07/2010 - Swimming session 2100 to 2200
24/07/2010 - Swimming session 1700 to 1800
25/07/2010 - Swimming session with family members 0900 to 1000
26/07/2010 - Swimming session 2100 to 2200
27/07/2010 - Swimming session 2100 to 2200
28/07/2010 - Rest
29/07/2010 - Rest
30/07/2010 - Briefing at PCP
31/07/2010 - RACEDAY

Alamak boleh terforgot la pulak.... aku kerja on 31 July. Time to apply for Annual Leave.

31/07/2010 RACEDAY

Team Mercury-Beskal menurunkan 3 team utk PCP Speed Challenge. Bagaimanapun disebabkan terlalu byk2 swimming malam, aku kena selsema 2 hari sebelum RACEDAY.... huhuhu

Team 1 (Team Power nie); finished 8th - 1:24:30
Team 2 (1st rider power nie - Dean, Aku 2nd - rider veteran, 3rd rider - Bg Man (power gak walaupun veteran); finished 31st place - 1:57:10
Team 3 (Nie Team All Girls) - 1:58:00

Disamping RM150 hadiah utk Team 1, beberapa orang rider Team Mercury-Beskal telah memenangi hadiah2 lucky draw. The biggest price goes to Dean Jasman .... dapat basikal sejibik tu, retail@RM500++....... Memang berbaloi

In short, aku bersyukur kerana dapat mengabiskan kayuhan.... even though aku terpaksa berhenti rehat beberapa kali. Ada masanya aku rasa nak suruh marshall panggil ambulance jer.

TAHNIAH to Mercury .... hopefully boleh baiki ranking utk race2 seterusnya

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Training PCP

04/07/2010 @ PCP - Training

It has been awhile since I've updated this blog. Hopefully this Sunday I will have some more pictures to upload. I'll will be riding with Team Mercury-Beskal. Hopefully can get my black beskal.com jersey that day. Ken asked me to join him in the race in July. Need to test my stamina first this weekend, only after that I can decide.

Muzack had told me that he has a Shimano 575 Hydro brakes in his MTB store at home. He wanted to know if I wanted to try it. So that nite at about 10pm, I went over to his house at BMC section 1.

Can't wait to test it at PCP!

Woke up early today. Got to go to Taman Kinrara Sek 3 to buy my wife 'Nasi Kerabu'. The queue was quite long. Only managed to get it at about 8am. Arrived at PCP at about 9:05am and waited for my older brother - Muzack. Awie was coming also with his friend Zam who had just moved to Shah Alam from Kulim.

Awie was on his 3rd time at PCP while Zam is on his first ever ride at PCP. I suggested that they go on the blue and green trail. I had to rest a little longer as Muzack was feeling dizzy a bit. He had to rest longer than usual as he hasn't been riding for 2 weeks. After the four of us rested on the second gazebo below the PCP Black. We've decided to let Zam try the 4X trail. I went down the trail first to test the newly installed shimano 575 hydro brake. It was great. At the table top jump at the end of 4X trail, there was a rider who had fell after the first table top. It looked like he injured his leg quite bad. Other than that Downhiller rider, there were several XCs' riders who had fell but sustained minor scratches n bruises.

At about 11:30ish  the sky was turning darked. So we hurried through the final trail. It was really windy. Felt like a storm was coming our way.BTW I had also wanted to take video on the DJ but when I got there, the maintenance crew was starting to cover back the jumps. Sigh..... may be next time.

Finished the ride at about 12noon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Star Wars Trading Card

Since I first saw Star Wars Episode 4, I've been a fan.

For Star Wars fans out there....... I have a collection of SWTC for sale (If I am not mistaken, this is from Episode 2 edition). If you are interested to get your hands on this SWTC, kindly email me at zoolihsan(put in the at sign)gmail.com.

Notes: All of my cards are in good condition. (If you are not a Trading Card fanatics.... this means that the cards had been used/played. However, all of them are in it's own protective plastic cover)

Item 1
As you can see, this is a rare holographic card

Item 2
Uncommon non-holographic card

Item 3
This is a common card but it's holographic

Item 4
Uncommon non-holographic card

Item 5
Rare non-holographic card

Item 6
Common non-holographic card

Item 7
Uncommon non-holographic card

Item 8
Rare non-holographic card

Item 9
Uncommon non-holographic card

Item 10
Uncommon holographic card

Item 11
Uncommon holographic card

Item 12
Common but holographic card

The following is the complete list off all the cards in my possessions:-
  1. Master and Apperentice - Battle Card (3pcs-Uncommon)
  2. Power Dive - Battle Card (1pc-Rare)
  3. Jedi Counsel Summons - Mission Card (1pc-Rare)
  4. Surge of Power - Battle Card (4pcs-Common)
  5. Wedding of Destiny Mission Card (2pcs-Uncommon)
  6. Swoop bike - Ground Card (4pcs-Common)
  7. Naboo Defence Station - Ground Card (1pc-Rare)
  8. Elite Jedi Squad - Ground Card (3pcs-Common; 1pc-Holographic)
  9. Naboo Spaceport - Ground Card (1pc-Uncommon/Holographic)
  10. AT-TE Walker 23X - Ground Card (3pcs-Uncommon; 1pc-Holographic)
  11. Plo Koon - Character Card (2pcs-Rare)
  12. C-3PO - Character Card (1pc-Uncommon)
  13. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force 5) - Character Card (1pc-Uncommon)
  14. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force 4) - Character Card (2pc-Common)
  15. Padme Amidala (Force 5) - Character Card (1pc-Rare)
  16. Yoda (Force 5) - Character Card (2pcs-Uncommon)
  17. Yoda (Force 9) - Character Card (1pc-Rare; 1pc-Holographic)
  18. Anakin Skywalker (Force 4) - Character Card (2pcs-Common; 1pc-Holographic)
  19. Anakin Skywalker (Force 5) - Character Card (1pc-Uncommon)
  20. Anakin Skywalker (Force 7) - Character Card (1pc-Rare)
  21. Corellian Star Shuttle - Space Card (4pcs-Common)
  22. N-1 Starfighter - Space Card (3pcs-Common)
  23. Bravo N-1 Starfightere - Space Card (4pcs-Common)
  24. Jedi Starfighter 3R3 - Space Card (4pcs-Common)
  25. Republic Cruiser - Space Card (3pcs-Common)
  26. Republic Assault Ship - Space Card (3pcs-Uncommon)
P/S: Anyone remembers how to play? It's been a while since I played it with my younger brother

Monday, April 26, 2010

SILK Night Ride + Project Spinner Eagle Fork

On the night of 23/04/2010, I decided to join Muzack on his home turf road ride (SILK Highway). I have read from other bloggers about the 'Bukit 3 Beradik' and now it's my turn to try it myself. Muzack & I started from his house (Sect 1 BMC)

Arrived at Muzack's at about 8:40pm (T.jams at Kelab lumba kuda round-about

Muzack with his Specialized M5

We arrived at the meeting point. Two more riders from BMC was waiting at the mamak's

This was the last pit stop. Just after the toll before BMC.
Earlier, Wondermantz (Yellow JC) waited four of us at SILK Highway

I was to tired climbing the 3 brothers. Did not even have the energy to take pictures. I managed to find my rhythm just before the last pit-stop after getting valuable pointers from all the otais that night.
(Last pit-stop - beside Twin Palms residential)

Khairudin and Muzack taking cigarette break on the last pit-stop. (Power dorang nie walaupun perokok tegar - hisap kretek lagi tuh!)

The end - for SILK ride jer

After finishing the ride, Muzack wanted to pass down his Spinner Eagle to me as he had bought a new Fox Float fork for his Merida AM-400. So, the night continued with Project Spinner Eagle. I was going to exchanged my Spinner Grind1 which was going to be fitted on his Specialized.

Upper Left - Changed SAR's saddle to Salle Royale (Reason for changing the saddle - after each road rides, my b**ls were numb.....lol)
Upper Right - Muzack's Spinner Eagle
Bottom - Project failed due to the Eagle was shorten before this to accommodate Merida AM-400 short headset. T-Bolt's headset is a lot longer. May be I'll get Fox Float fork just like Muzack? May be not.....lol

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Projek Tayar Road

I have been belasah-hing my 2.35 on the road for sometime now. I think it's time to use proper road tires for roadie rides. With the help of my older brother Muzack. I will get myself a new Kenda's road tires from Kedai Basikal Simon. I haven't seen the tires myself. Will see them maybe on the next ride with Muzack this weekend. Hopefully Simon will give discounts. I remembered the first time I went to Simon's with Muzack. I purchased my trusted 661 Mullet at a very cheap price. Thanks to Muzack's, I got a brand new helmet for RM90.00 Very cheap right? I saw a seller at BBS selling a used one for RM80.00

Can't wait to get my hands on the Kenda's. Here I come DUKECT and pujMAC riders. Baru la boleh follow DUKECT on the Bukit Tunku, Bukit Sri Hartamas and other Bukits yg dorang selalu layan...... hopefully la. For pujMAC pulak baru la bolehh kejar Poey, Shahrin and the gang kot?

Macam nie agaknye rupanya tayar road utk T-Bolt 661 nanti


At last, I have a set of tires for roadie rides. Can't wait to install and try 'em. Will follow Ken of beskal.com on Tuesday night for my first road ride on the new Kenda. Tonite, I will upload my newest project pictures (Project - Kenda's Road tires 1.7)


On 12/04/2010, I had to go back to Kodiang. My beloved grandmother had passed away. Arrived back in Kangar at about 10-11pm. Could not be sure the exact time. The only thing caught my eyes was a group of riders riding towards Kangar via Jalan Repoh. Saw them just before Kampung Guru. May be it was team Perlis Power MTB. Any way,  it's time to proceed with Project - Kenda's Road tires 1.7
Before - 2.35
Kenda 1.7 Road (Commuter)
DIY tools
T-Bolt - naked
Time to change the tires
Work in process....
Still in progress......
After - Macam kecik sangat la pulak tayar nie
Front tire
Rear tire
Finally it's done