Monday, December 28, 2009

New bike accessories

I went back to Kangar on the eve of X-mas. I took my family to Padang Besar the next day. I wanted to get myself a new hydration bag. My camelbak hydrapak only have 1 zipper compartment (RM110). Decided to get a new bag with more space but most importantly, a cheap one. When we arrived at Padang Besar, I went straight to the shop where my brother Muzack bought himself a deuter 1.5L hydration bag. I asked the owner for the bag but I was unlucky, he said he's waiting for new stock later that afternoon. However, he told me that he did not order for the 1.5L bag. He's taking bigger hydration bag which he was going to sell at RM60.
What now? Do I wait? Better go the nearby MTB store first. Since my chain malfunctioned during the KLMBH #184, I have been looking for a new Shimano DEORE chain (HG-53) . I bought the chain for RM50 (Earlier I had sourced for the chain at The GT Store at Sri Kembangan - cost RM78). Very cheap.... but not all parts n accessories sold there are cheap. He's selling 661 Comp Blue Glove at RM140. However, Din from Kulim sold to me for only RM90 (Delivery - FOC via courier). The Oakley sunglasses in the picture was bought at Pasar Malam Taman Bukit Kuchai for RM10. What else? Still thinking of a new hydration bag. Some other shop must have the bag in stock. I went inside the Padang Besar 'Arked' n found the replica deuter hydration bag with 1.5L water bladder at a store on the top floor of the 'Arked'. There were only blue n gray colours left. The shopkeeper wanted to sell it for RM48. Eventhough the bag was a knock-off version, the quality is quite good. I bought the gray colour bag for RM45 (Should've bargain for RM40). Now I can bring along more gears on the next MTB ride.

Anyone wants to buy my Blue Camelbak Blue Wave 1.5L Hydrapak? email me at
Used for less than a year. Price negotiables

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PCP Ride on 20/12/2009

Set off at about 0900 hours. This week riders are Muzack (L) on his Merida AM 400-D, Myself Mat Don (R) on my T-Bolt 661. Kaylah and Man (B) on Giant and Commencal.

On the second trail, Man and I took turn falling off our bike. Both of us fell on the way down a slippery switchback. I was riding on a 2.35 semi-slick front tire. After that, we took on the family fun downhill trail.
Continued onwards towards one of the most fun trail - The Pump Trail. This is where we, the XCs' riders get to jump our MTBs.

Beware: please be very carefull going into this trail. Right before going into the trail, there's a dangerous ramp which I usually avoid. (Above) Casualty of the ramp - carrying him to the awaiting ambulance.

Onwards towards the lookout point which can be seen from the highway and then the last trail which is downhill all the way. Finished at about 1200 hours.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bukit Kiara Hash on 13/12/2009

This will be my first Hash. Kinda nervous. I will be riding on my newly installed Spinner Grind 1 fork.

Start Point: Soul’ed Out, Sri Hartamas. GPS - N3 09.812 E101 38.913

to be continued after the event .....

KLMBH #184

Set off at about 9:30am. I'd gotten the no 2 tag. No 1 goes to Ken. As it was my first Hash, we decided to go for the scenic route. However, we got mixed up between the Long n Scenic route at the starting point. We've ended up following the Long Runner. It was harder than PCP trails.

Chain malfunctioned.... luckily Ken brought along a chain cutter. Muzack, my older brother who is the bicycle mechanic in the family help to do it

Finished the Hash at about 12:20pm.... stopped by the GT shop at Sri Hartamas

PCP ride on 06/12/2009

 PCP ride on 06/12/2009
It's been 2 weeks since my last ride. Went down to PCP with Muzack n Kaylah. Met with new friends; Nik, Achik n Giant.
Teh 3 Layer

After the ride, singgah minum kedai mamak, we all pekena ayaq teh 3 layer (also known as air 3G).... peeeerghhhhhh! mengancam betul ayaq tu. Forgot to take the picture la (At last.... picture taken on 23rd January 2010). Next ride at PCP mesti oda lagi... aku rasa macam ketagih rokok pulak

1st layer - ayaq teh, 2nd layer - creamer (F&N kot) dan 3rd layer - gula merah (sarawak syrup)...... lemak berkrim beb

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Jus XanGo 

Ramuan utamanya adalah buah manggis.... termasuk kulit-kulitnya sekali. Pastu dorang tambah pelbagai buah-buahan lain utk bg tak rasa macam kita makan kulit manggis.

Mengikut kajian kulit manggis dipenuhi dengan Xanthone yang dapat mengubat atau menghindarkan pelbagai penyakit. Bagi keluarga kami, buasir boleh dikatakan sebahagian daripada kehidupan kami. Tidak lagi setelah kami mengamalkan jus Xango.

Harga runcit sebotol jus Xango adalah sekitar RM140 - RM160.

Anda boleh melayari website Xango sekiranya ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut atau singgah la di UBN Tower, Ground Floor - ibu pejabat X-Team; salah satu daripada kumpulan paling berjaya dalam XanGo.
Kalau nak cuba, boleh hubungi saya di

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My first MTB

T-Bolt 661

Meet my black MTB courtesy of my older brother; Muzack. Named T-Bolt 661 as I am a 661 die hard fan.

My first 661 item is the 661 Mullet Helmet Black. Followed by the 661 Comp Black glove (size M - a bit small... will have to change to L in the future)

The picture above was taken at Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP); my favorite trail to date.There are several trails available; from XC trails to DH. There's even a bike park for skate borders and BMX riders. So, come on over to PCP located at Presint 20 Putrajaya (or is it presint 5).

My riding style is more to XC but sometimes I do some DJ. My T-bolt kinda lacking in the fork department. Need to upgrade to better one before I can catch the big air.