Monday, April 26, 2010

SILK Night Ride + Project Spinner Eagle Fork

On the night of 23/04/2010, I decided to join Muzack on his home turf road ride (SILK Highway). I have read from other bloggers about the 'Bukit 3 Beradik' and now it's my turn to try it myself. Muzack & I started from his house (Sect 1 BMC)

Arrived at Muzack's at about 8:40pm (T.jams at Kelab lumba kuda round-about

Muzack with his Specialized M5

We arrived at the meeting point. Two more riders from BMC was waiting at the mamak's

This was the last pit stop. Just after the toll before BMC.
Earlier, Wondermantz (Yellow JC) waited four of us at SILK Highway

I was to tired climbing the 3 brothers. Did not even have the energy to take pictures. I managed to find my rhythm just before the last pit-stop after getting valuable pointers from all the otais that night.
(Last pit-stop - beside Twin Palms residential)

Khairudin and Muzack taking cigarette break on the last pit-stop. (Power dorang nie walaupun perokok tegar - hisap kretek lagi tuh!)

The end - for SILK ride jer

After finishing the ride, Muzack wanted to pass down his Spinner Eagle to me as he had bought a new Fox Float fork for his Merida AM-400. So, the night continued with Project Spinner Eagle. I was going to exchanged my Spinner Grind1 which was going to be fitted on his Specialized.

Upper Left - Changed SAR's saddle to Salle Royale (Reason for changing the saddle - after each road rides, my b**ls were
Upper Right - Muzack's Spinner Eagle
Bottom - Project failed due to the Eagle was shorten before this to accommodate Merida AM-400 short headset. T-Bolt's headset is a lot longer. May be I'll get Fox Float fork just like Muzack? May be

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Projek Tayar Road

I have been belasah-hing my 2.35 on the road for sometime now. I think it's time to use proper road tires for roadie rides. With the help of my older brother Muzack. I will get myself a new Kenda's road tires from Kedai Basikal Simon. I haven't seen the tires myself. Will see them maybe on the next ride with Muzack this weekend. Hopefully Simon will give discounts. I remembered the first time I went to Simon's with Muzack. I purchased my trusted 661 Mullet at a very cheap price. Thanks to Muzack's, I got a brand new helmet for RM90.00 Very cheap right? I saw a seller at BBS selling a used one for RM80.00

Can't wait to get my hands on the Kenda's. Here I come DUKECT and pujMAC riders. Baru la boleh follow DUKECT on the Bukit Tunku, Bukit Sri Hartamas and other Bukits yg dorang selalu layan...... hopefully la. For pujMAC pulak baru la bolehh kejar Poey, Shahrin and the gang kot?

Macam nie agaknye rupanya tayar road utk T-Bolt 661 nanti


At last, I have a set of tires for roadie rides. Can't wait to install and try 'em. Will follow Ken of on Tuesday night for my first road ride on the new Kenda. Tonite, I will upload my newest project pictures (Project - Kenda's Road tires 1.7)


On 12/04/2010, I had to go back to Kodiang. My beloved grandmother had passed away. Arrived back in Kangar at about 10-11pm. Could not be sure the exact time. The only thing caught my eyes was a group of riders riding towards Kangar via Jalan Repoh. Saw them just before Kampung Guru. May be it was team Perlis Power MTB. Any way,  it's time to proceed with Project - Kenda's Road tires 1.7
Before - 2.35
Kenda 1.7 Road (Commuter)
DIY tools
T-Bolt - naked
Time to change the tires
Work in process....
Still in progress......
After - Macam kecik sangat la pulak tayar nie
Front tire
Rear tire
Finally it's done