Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pujMAC night ride 23/03/2010

Tonite's ride will be recorded by TV9 for Nasi Lemak Kopi O programme. Rugi kalau miss this ride..... dapat masuk TV tu (",)

Arrived in front of Bukit Jalil Stadium about 9++.Shortly afterwards, Taslim in his Ranger arrived. Judging from the cars parked along the road, I was the third last rider to arrive.

<----- Both my rides were still dirty. T-Bolt 661 still penuh with PCP's dirt. While my Viper SE3091 was full of dust from the construction sites beside the office.

We started cycling a few minutes before 10. After a brief briefing from the cameraman.
Riders eager to start and of course nak masuk TV9... (",)
This was our 2nd pit-stop (Jalan Tun Razak)
Still resting and waiting for the rest of the riders
Ready to continue onwards to KLCC
@KLCC - TV9 cameraman tgh shooting
Baru kena sound dgn security KLCC - moving on to Dataran Merdeka
Continuing with the shoot for TV9 @ Dataran Merdeka
 Shooting at a very low angle

From Dataran Merdeka we moved back to Bukit Jalil via Jalan Travers/Kampung Pasir/Old klang Road/Sri Petaling....... Finished at about 1:20am. I went straight home as it was getting late. Hopefully my face will be on the tube..... lol

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome back to PCP

It's has been awhile since my last ride here at PCP. Looking forward to go for the Pump/4X/DJ trails. I am trying to hook up my N73 to the bike. Is it safe for the phone to be mounted to the MTB? I really wanted to get a video of PCP trails. Couldn't decide on whether to get myself the GoPro HD Hero helmetcam. Berbaloi ker to spend RM1400 for it. Could buy something else with that kind of money.

On my last visit to PCP, I tried to shoot a video using N73 (mounted on my chest) but got this pic of Muzack instead (forgot to change to video mode) 
The rest of the video was not watchable... you will get a major case of Migraine if you do watch it

On the morning of 21/03/2010, I went out of my apartment at about 0745. Arrived at PCP around 8:15. Muzack arrived slightly after that. As we were going into PCP, Muzack got a flat tire. While changing the tube, a group of riders from MP Kajang arrived and had joined us. They were first timers at PCP. Total riders, including Muzack's friend was 11.

For this ride, I had mounted my N73 to the handlebar. I was hoping to get a good video of PCP trails (Currently I am editing the video and will be uploaded later). We had gone through all the trails except for 4X and of course the DH trail. Met with DUKE CT riders at the gazebo just before the ride uphill to DH trail.

This was one of the best ride ever at PCP. The management has made several upgrade on the trails. At the end of Pump trail, the soil was not as loose as before. So, I managed to stay on my bike this time around. The best upgrade was at the Dirt Jump. It seems that my T-Bold can jump higher due to it.

Finished the trails at about 1140. 

To fellow blogger - please give pointers on how to upload video on the blog itself

Thanks to my sis Cik Awa for the explaining to me on how to upload this video..... (",)

2nd Part of the video

3rd Part .....

4th Part.....

Almost last Part.... N73 battery kaput

My first video @PCP - jumpa geng pujMAC (A'chik, GtNik & Jayen) for the first time

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FRIM - Conquered Bukit Steroid on 07/03/2010

FRIM (2nd ride)
Last night (6/03/2010) I received email from Yot a rider from Taman Kinrara who got my number from Awi of Bandar Kinrara 2(Met him at KESAS Highway night ride) Yot wanted to know if there will be any ride today. As I had decided not to ride this weekend. I was not aware of any ride. So I surf to get the info. PujMAC and were going to FRIM. I immediately decided to go along with this week ride.

I got out of my apartment at about 0730. Waited for Yot for a while but decided to go on ahead without him as I did not received any confirmation whether he's coming or not. I sped off to FRIM via LDP. After One Utama I was overtook by a yellow and red ferraris. Manage to get their picture as they stop for a while by the road just after the toll.

Arrived at tokong cina parking in front of FRIM at about 0805. Met up with other riders and set up our rides.  Moved into FRIM with Achik, Nik, Ibis, Man, Along, Kaylah, Haitsan, Don, Zamri and others (click here to Abe Chik's fb for more pictures) We headed off to the dream trails. It was my first ride into the dream trail. My rear tire keeps sliding off the slippery roots. Had to stop and deflates the tires. In the middle of the forest I had passed couple of riders but did not recognized who they where. Then I heard someone shouted; "Mat Don!!" I took me a while before my brain could register the shout. Mr Ken and his wife rupanya. I was so focused on the new trail sampai tak perasan. (Focused coz takut jatuh ke bawah). We got out of the dream trails and rested for a while. By that time, 1 rider had chain malfunction and IBIS was unlucky and his rear cassette acted up. 2 riders had to cut short their ride. IBIS and Nik (Nik came with IBIS)

2nd stage (the road to Bukit Steroid) was the most fun for me. However, we had to watch out for hikers who were also using the trail. This is where we can paddle our bike hard and fast. But beware of the traffic. In the middle of the way uphill to bukit steroid, another rider had trouble with his chain. The guys on the right picture tengah tolong tengok proses me'repair' chain (Don, Zamri, Kaylah, Haitsan and Along)

At the based of bukit steroid, I saw BC Kelolo who was carrying his little boy on the back of his bike. Power giler naik bukit sambil carry anak. At first I was hesitant to go on up. But after seeing BC, malulah kalau tak naik. It was really tough climbing bukit steroid. The ride down was not as smooth as PCP's trail. Continued onwards till sampai kafetaria FRIM then terus balik ke kereta masing-masing.

Went back just after 1200 and stucked in t.jam due to LTDL - KKB to KL kejap.
Tgh kusyuk me'repair'
Tgh tolong ambik gamba
Rehat kat cafe
Bro Zamri kuar topik best

Pendek citer; berjaya gak aku naik bukit steroid walaupun kena rest 2-3 kali. Bila lah boleh naik non-stop???