Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome back to PCP

It's has been awhile since my last ride here at PCP. Looking forward to go for the Pump/4X/DJ trails. I am trying to hook up my N73 to the bike. Is it safe for the phone to be mounted to the MTB? I really wanted to get a video of PCP trails. Couldn't decide on whether to get myself the GoPro HD Hero helmetcam. Berbaloi ker to spend RM1400 for it. Could buy something else with that kind of money.

On my last visit to PCP, I tried to shoot a video using N73 (mounted on my chest) but got this pic of Muzack instead (forgot to change to video mode) 
The rest of the video was not watchable... you will get a major case of Migraine if you do watch it

On the morning of 21/03/2010, I went out of my apartment at about 0745. Arrived at PCP around 8:15. Muzack arrived slightly after that. As we were going into PCP, Muzack got a flat tire. While changing the tube, a group of riders from MP Kajang arrived and had joined us. They were first timers at PCP. Total riders, including Muzack's friend was 11.

For this ride, I had mounted my N73 to the handlebar. I was hoping to get a good video of PCP trails (Currently I am editing the video and will be uploaded later). We had gone through all the trails except for 4X and of course the DH trail. Met with DUKE CT riders at the gazebo just before the ride uphill to DH trail.

This was one of the best ride ever at PCP. The management has made several upgrade on the trails. At the end of Pump trail, the soil was not as loose as before. So, I managed to stay on my bike this time around. The best upgrade was at the Dirt Jump. It seems that my T-Bold can jump higher due to it.

Finished the trails at about 1140. 

To fellow blogger - please give pointers on how to upload video on the blog itself

Thanks to my sis Cik Awa for the explaining to me on how to upload this video..... (",)

2nd Part of the video

3rd Part .....

4th Part.....

Almost last Part.... N73 battery kaput

My first video @PCP - jumpa geng pujMAC (A'chik, GtNik & Jayen) for the first time

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