Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pujMAC night ride 23/03/2010

Tonite's ride will be recorded by TV9 for Nasi Lemak Kopi O programme. Rugi kalau miss this ride..... dapat masuk TV tu (",)

Arrived in front of Bukit Jalil Stadium about 9++.Shortly afterwards, Taslim in his Ranger arrived. Judging from the cars parked along the road, I was the third last rider to arrive.

<----- Both my rides were still dirty. T-Bolt 661 still penuh with PCP's dirt. While my Viper SE3091 was full of dust from the construction sites beside the office.

We started cycling a few minutes before 10. After a brief briefing from the cameraman.
Riders eager to start and of course nak masuk TV9... (",)
This was our 2nd pit-stop (Jalan Tun Razak)
Still resting and waiting for the rest of the riders
Ready to continue onwards to KLCC
@KLCC - TV9 cameraman tgh shooting
Baru kena sound dgn security KLCC - moving on to Dataran Merdeka
Continuing with the shoot for TV9 @ Dataran Merdeka
 Shooting at a very low angle

From Dataran Merdeka we moved back to Bukit Jalil via Jalan Travers/Kampung Pasir/Old klang Road/Sri Petaling....... Finished at about 1:20am. I went straight home as it was getting late. Hopefully my face will be on the tube..... lol

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