Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bukit Kiara Hash on 13/12/2009

This will be my first Hash. Kinda nervous. I will be riding on my newly installed Spinner Grind 1 fork.

Start Point: Soul’ed Out, Sri Hartamas. GPS - N3 09.812 E101 38.913

to be continued after the event .....

KLMBH #184

Set off at about 9:30am. I'd gotten the no 2 tag. No 1 goes to Ken. As it was my first Hash, we decided to go for the scenic route. However, we got mixed up between the Long n Scenic route at the starting point. We've ended up following the Long Runner. It was harder than PCP trails.

Chain malfunctioned.... luckily Ken brought along a chain cutter. Muzack, my older brother who is the bicycle mechanic in the family help to do it

Finished the Hash at about 12:20pm.... stopped by the GT shop at Sri Hartamas


  1. weh...tak sangka hang minat naik gerek.Yang aku ingat motor kapcai kaler biru hang saja.Btw,syabas,coz dah ada blog sendri.keep on writing,cycling hard!biz as usual......jgn lupa lawat blog aku....

  2. still learning Bro... PAL aku dah x ada, hang punya PBM ada lagi?

    Pasai kayuh gerek, minat dari kecik tp lepas masuk boarding school terus stop. La nie baru mula balik coz doktor suruh exercise (darah tinggi beb)