Saturday, December 12, 2009

PCP ride on 06/12/2009

 PCP ride on 06/12/2009
It's been 2 weeks since my last ride. Went down to PCP with Muzack n Kaylah. Met with new friends; Nik, Achik n Giant.
Teh 3 Layer

After the ride, singgah minum kedai mamak, we all pekena ayaq teh 3 layer (also known as air 3G).... peeeerghhhhhh! mengancam betul ayaq tu. Forgot to take the picture la (At last.... picture taken on 23rd January 2010). Next ride at PCP mesti oda lagi... aku rasa macam ketagih rokok pulak

1st layer - ayaq teh, 2nd layer - creamer (F&N kot) dan 3rd layer - gula merah (sarawak syrup)...... lemak berkrim beb

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