Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PCP Ride on 20/12/2009

Set off at about 0900 hours. This week riders are Muzack (L) on his Merida AM 400-D, Myself Mat Don (R) on my T-Bolt 661. Kaylah and Man (B) on Giant and Commencal.

On the second trail, Man and I took turn falling off our bike. Both of us fell on the way down a slippery switchback. I was riding on a 2.35 semi-slick front tire. After that, we took on the family fun downhill trail.
Continued onwards towards one of the most fun trail - The Pump Trail. This is where we, the XCs' riders get to jump our MTBs.

Beware: please be very carefull going into this trail. Right before going into the trail, there's a dangerous ramp which I usually avoid. (Above) Casualty of the ramp - carrying him to the awaiting ambulance.

Onwards towards the lookout point which can be seen from the highway and then the last trail which is downhill all the way. Finished at about 1200 hours.

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