Thursday, November 26, 2009

My first MTB

T-Bolt 661

Meet my black MTB courtesy of my older brother; Muzack. Named T-Bolt 661 as I am a 661 die hard fan.

My first 661 item is the 661 Mullet Helmet Black. Followed by the 661 Comp Black glove (size M - a bit small... will have to change to L in the future)

The picture above was taken at Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP); my favorite trail to date.There are several trails available; from XC trails to DH. There's even a bike park for skate borders and BMX riders. So, come on over to PCP located at Presint 20 Putrajaya (or is it presint 5).

My riding style is more to XC but sometimes I do some DJ. My T-bolt kinda lacking in the fork department. Need to upgrade to better one before I can catch the big air.

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