Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HASH #195 (Semenyih - Fish Valley)

19/12/2010 @ Semenyih Fish Valley

This was my second HASH to date. After buying 'Nasi Kerabu' and 'Nasi Lemak' for my wife and kids that morning, I drove off to BMC. The night before I had left my T-Bolt at Muzack's. We had change the brakes and stem on it.

Arrived at Muzack's around 8:45am and we mounted my T-Bolt and Muzack's Merida on his car. Then we headed to Semenyih Fish Valley. This time we decided to go for the Long route which should be around 25km. Brought along my new 'Deuter' with 3 liter water bladder.

Arrived at the starting point at about 9:05am. There where still lots of riders registering for the HASH. Muzack and I got number 107 and 108 respectively. Wooooaaa.... more than 100 riders attending the HASH. We barely got our rides off the car when the Long route briefing starts. However, got to join them just minutes before the flag off.

We joined BC Kelolo, Azlan Manap and Daniel. There where so many challenging climb. The slippery trail made it harder for me. Most of the climb, I had to push the bike. After the first DH trail, I had cramps on both of my legs. Luckily Azlan came to the rescue with his deep heating rub cream (Never leave home without it) In short, we managed to finish the HASH. Eventhough it took us several hours.

Officially, I was the last rider to check out from the Long route that day. Hopefully I will be better prepared for next year HASH. As Darcy said, please bring along lots of water. Thank you to Koko, the sweeper for that day and also Darcy who came down to help us out.

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