Sunday, January 24, 2010

PCP Ride on 24/01/2010

PCP 24/01/2010

Today Muzack, his son Hakeem and I went down to PCP. As this was Hakeem's second ride on a MTB (His first ride was at FRIM last weekend), we followed the easy trail. There's not much to say for todays ride. We didn't even go to the Pump Trail. However, we spent more time at the DJ site. At last I got the chance to test the Spinner Grind1.

DJ starting point

To my surprise, I saw Shakey at the DJ. Yes! Another one of my Beseri friends has join the MTB scene... hahaha.

Shakey's ride - GT Avalanche 1.0 (Not the actual picture la)

Latest GT bikes details and pictures


After washing our bikes, we went in bike park and continued with some jumping

Muzack on his Merida

My T-Bolt 661 in the air (pic taken by Muzack)

Went back at 12:00

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