Friday, February 12, 2010

FRIM - Mission to conquer Steroid Hill (Postponed to later date - going to PCP instead)

Preparation to FRIM - postponed
This will be my second ride at FRIM. On my first trip, I didn't manage to go up the hill due to Muzack brought along his eldest son Hakeem. This time around, I will conquer "Steroid Hill".

Right pic - My eldest son (Nayib), wishing he can touch my T-Bolt 661. That is the nearest he's going to get to my ride.... hahaha

To ride The T-Bolt, your time will come....

Checklist for Sunday:-
1) KS Shock absorber air pressure - must remind Muzack to bring the shock pump
2) Tyre pressure - checked
3) Protective gears - checked
4) To test my new rear bike carrier - on Sunday (cannot wait lor)
5) Hydra bag - checked
6) What else.... aah yes. Must be strong, do not let myself be seducted by the wife. Need the energy for steroid hill..... hahaha

To be continued after the ride on Sunday 14/02/2010 (Just noticed that it will be V.Day... must bring back wild flowers from FRIM (Are there any flowers there.... hhhmmm).

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------tbc 07/03/2010

Received SMS from Muzack today (13/02/2010:2045hrs) - changed of plan. Will conquer PCP hills tomorrow

14/02/2010 - PCP (Valentine's Day ride)

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