Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ronda2 KL Night Ride

RONDA-RONDA KL - 18/02/2010
This was my first night ride ever. I was looking for an excused to use the front light (purchased from BC Kelolo). Without hesitation, I contacted Ken n told him that I want to follow the ride. We meet up at Ampang at about 8:15pm. I had pumped my 2.35 tires to 29 psi (200 kpa) as it was 100% road that night. When Zul Ampang arrived, we set off to meet other riders at Ampang point.
So far so good, I managed to keep up with Zul Ampang n Ken. From Ampang Point we moved to The Mall via Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail n Jalan Raja Laut. It took me almost 30 minutes. By this time my leg was beginning to hurt due the climb to The Mall. However, I managed to rest a while as we were waiting for more riders. Then onwards to Sri Hartamas via Bunit Tunku. Alamak!!!..... Bukit Tunku. I was hoping that the rear tire won't give me problems. I was wrong.... It was very hard climbing Bukit Tunku. I was the last rider to arrive at the mamak's beside GT Sri Hartamas. I was amazed with Ken, I could not keep up with him on each climb. Cayalah Ken! - Ken's GT Force (white bike - right picture)

Most of the other riders' bikes

Time to move on to the next destination. Another mamak's restaurant at Sri Hartamas. I had to build up my energy for the ride back to Ampang. We were going to go back via the dreaded Bukit Tunku. I think all the rider knows that I was having hard time with the 2.35 twins. So, we were resting quit a lot that night. (Mamak's Pit-stop = 2 times)

We moved on back n I was at the back again due each climbs. After Bukit Tunku, we rode on to Ampang via Kampung Baru. Then Jalan Ampang. At last, I had made it. Before going back, we (Ken, Zul Ampang n I) made another pit-stop. This is going to be last night/road ride on the twins. Will get a 1.8 semi-slick tires first before making any more attempts to get my T-Bolt on road.

Went back at 2am

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